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Melting Holding Furnaces AIF has extensive references for Melting and Holding Furnaces of various capacities. These includes Single Chamber Furnaces, Multiple Chambers and Sidewell Melting Holding Furnaces ranging from 3 Tonne to 65 Tonne and design capability for higher capacities. Our experience covers both primary smelters and recycling industry, covering wide variety of today’s aluminium casting processes and customized requirements for individual customers.

The furnaces can be equipped with latest technological developments including :

  • Single wide door allowing easy access to all corners of the furnace.
  • Furnaces can be Static type or Tilting type depending on Plant Levels and Layout.
  • Regenerative type of Burners for increased fuel savings.
  • Cold Air Burners with sophisticated automatic air-fuel ratio management system.
  • Advanced refractory lining design with high performance and longer life.
  • Automatic Furnace Pressure Control System
  • Various options for Automated Charging Systems

AIF can offer complete turn key projects as well as parts supplies to suit our customer’s requirements.

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