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Tilting Rotary Furnaces (TRF)

Tilting Rotary Furnaces (TRF)

Tilting Rotary Furnaces are considered to be most flexible type of furnaces for re-melting of aluminium scrap. Due to its design, almost all kinds of scrap forms can be recycled with optimum results.
The furnace drum is rotated by a friction drive wheel system in most cases. A single door is utilized with a motorized horizontal rotation swing arrangement. Due to the negative tilt capability of the furnace it is possible to have a large diameter door which facilitates faster charging.
A high efficiency fume extraction system is provided. This system is takes one of two forms; fixed directly and tilting with the furnace to exhaust through a rotary joint or simply a high level fume collection hood / housing.
The Tilt Rotary Furnaces offer a considerable advantage over the conventional static rotary furnaces due to the many advantages with regard to reduced cycle times, yields and fuel consumptions.
AIF Engineering offer tilt rotary furnaces to suit customised requirements say for example type of combustion system including oxy-fuel burner system, cold air burner operating on either fuel oil or gas. We are now commonly requested by our customers to provide the furnace on Load Cells to provide instant data on metal recoveries. Our typical capacity for TRFs are 5 T or 10 T but we could engineer other sizes to suit customers.
Typical scrap types include painted and anodized extrusions sections, thermal break, UBC, litho, oily rolling mill scrap, fragmentized scrap, white dross, black dross, engine blocks. The TRF can be packaged with an efficient charging system with a rail mounted vibratory charger.

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