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Scrap Charging Machines

Scrap Charging Machines

AIF supplies custom built charging equipment to suit a wide variety of melting furnaces.
Scrap charging machines are designed to suit the door opening and hearth size of the furnace being charged, with the aim to minimize the number of charges required per melt cycle and in turn increase overall furnace energy and production efficiencies.
The operation of the charger is designed to minimize the door opening time to reduce heat loss and temperature drop within the furnace chamber and at the same time reduce the introduction of oxygen into the furnace. The charger is usually rail mounted and can easily service multiple furnaces incase they are in line and at the same level.
The charge box and plough pusher are manufactured from heavy duty steel plate work and designed to withstand the arduous thermal and mechanical stresses it is subjected to. Our machines are usually hydraulically operated.
Our charge machines can be designed for a single furnace or across multiple in-line furnace installations. We can also integrate a rotating top carriage and charge box to allow scrap receiving and charging from multiple positions to maximize shop floor space in restricted layouts. All our machines are custom designed to suit new or existing furnaces and plant layouts.
Our charge machine capacities range from as little as 1 tonne upto 30 tonnes depending upon the bulk scrap density being fed. We are frequently requested to integrate load cells on our charging machine which in turn provide feedback to the central SCADA system and help close the loop on charging and recoveries so very important in a remelt shop.

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